• How to get flawless skin

    How To Get Flawless Skin

    Flawless skin is without pimples,blackheads,dark spots,dry patches, and so on.Knowing type of your skin, choosing the best and right for your skin gives a flawless skin. We all are in run to achieve that look.Knowing the needs of our individual skin and providing skin with enough nutrition,is key for flawless skin.Apart from external care skin needs nutrition form inside. Skin Foods For Flawless Skin It is always good to have plenty of water every day.Getting the right antioxidants,minerals,vitamins is though essential for healthy skin.Do drink plenty of water.Water flushes out the toxins from our body.   Read More:Olive Oil For Skin   Include fresh fruits,steamed vegetables,green tea,salads helps to give…

  • CTM Routine 4 - CTM Routine

    CTM Routine

     CTM Routine Beauty,That which is striking and beautiful is not always good,but that which is good is always beautiful. Hello lovelies, Are you already familiar with what is ctm?If no then continue reading and find why our skin needs this.CTM is c=cleansing,t=toning,and m=moisturizing. If we give 10 minutes in morning and 10 minutes at night to our skin its enough for a healthy skin.So lets checkout what cleansing actually means. Skin is nothing without CTM routine.   Cleansing Cleansing the face is the most important part that we must do in the morning,that should not be ignored at all.Cleansing not only removes the dead skin but also clears the oil that…

  • Some-Things-You-Should-Know-Before-Buying-Sunscreen

    Some Things You Should Know Before Buying Sunscreen

    Hello guys, Today i have very important topic to share with you all.And that is sunscreen,this is the most important when it comes to skincare.How many of you apply sunscreen everyday?.Do men can use sunscreen?   Do you apply it once in the morning?.Or reapply it every single hours.Which SPF do you choose?.Uff their are many more questions and i am having the answers so let’begin. The very first thing i want to clear is sunscreen is the protection of your skin from sun,it doesn’t protect us from tanning,many of us apply sunscreen to prevent tan.Sunscreen protect our skin from aging not tanning. And men should also use sunscreen.All skin types…

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