The Difference Between Moisturizing And Hydrating


Water plays an important role in making sure your skin stays healthy, radiant and smooth. But do you know hydrating and moisturizing skin are two different parts? But many of use moisturizing and hydrating interchangeably. While both provide much-needed nourishment to the skin, knowing the difference may help you make the best choice.

Therefore, we have provided a simple guide detailing the difference between these two.

Difference Between Moisturizing & Hydrating

Dry skin is described by, dry flakes and skin which needs moisture. Dry skin has a lack of moisture. Similarly, dehydrated skin lacks water. Because our skin gets water very lastly, and if you have a habit of drinking less water, then your skin could get dehydrated.

So this is the difference between moisturizing and hydrating skin.

Hydrating adds moisture to the skin

If there is one thing that Korean skin care has taught us that hydrating makes all the difference when it comes to healthy and glowy skin.

Hydration refers to the amount of water in the skin. And Hydrators product formulated with special ingredients to increase water content in the skin.

And what are Hydrators? Hydrator is formulated with a special ingredient called Humectants. Humectants absorb moisture from the environment and deliver to the skin.

Therefore, hydration replenishes all the water that skin has lost and adds a healthy glow to skin.

Overall, all you need is to increase your water, to keep your skin hydrated. If not, then you can incorporate hydrator and keep your skin hydrating all the time.

difference between moisturizing and hydrating


What we learnt, till now is hydration all about drinking water and keeping your skin hydrated. It doesn’t matter how many glass your skin drinks everyday, if there is nothing keeping in water, it’ll evaporate.

Because moisturizing forms a barrier on the skin and locks in water, so it can’t evaporate anymore. By forming a protective seal moisturizing are able to reduce the risk of evaporation throughout the day.

Hence, moisturizing is non-negotiable ( even if your skin is oily).

For oily skin you can choose gel based moisturizer and for dry skin you can go with some cream based moisturizer.

How to know if you need Moisturizer, Hydrator Or both

If you’re skin tends to be on dry side, it’s easy to assume that healthy dose of moisturizer is all your skin wants. While this may be true at times, it’s also possible your skin may not, in fact, dry or dehydrated. And if its true then all you need is hydrator.

To know if your skin is dry or dehydrated, it’s important to take the note of your skin’s condition. The skin has natural lipid barrier that protects itself from damage and water loss. If you’re prone to have dry flaky skin then its sign that it’s not producing enough lipid cells to form barrier.

A moisturizer’s job is to reduce the amount of water that evaporates off the skin.

Meanwhile, if you’re dealing with dull and lackluster complexion with fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable, then your skin may be dehydrated. Dehydrated skin means the cells are parched and starved of water.

Overall, people can have hydrated but dry skin, or dehydrated but moisturized skin.

This is the major difference of moisturizing and hydrating.

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