The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream-01 Baby Powder Review

The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream

Hey everyone,

 Have you ever tried these hand creams? It can be very tricky to find out best for our hands because hands help us so much & we need to pay off them.

Today I am going to review The Face Shop Hand Cream which is called as hand perfume mini pet baby.



Rs 430 for 30 ml.

The Face Shop Hand Cream

  Product Description

An adorable hand cream, these beauty goodies by Face shop promises supple and soft hands.

It provides excellent moisture, zero stickiness and excellent absorbance.

The cream is lightweight in texture but provides high moisture, high nutrition to hands. 

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The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream Ingredients
The Face Shop Hand Cream Ingredients


These hand creams come in super cute packaging. I tend to buy them by their packaging.

They are mini pet baby. The hand cream comes in a really pretty small tub with a cute lid that has a cat’s face on it.

The cap is a screw cap and fits securely so that there is no spillage of product.

The jar is tiny & can be carried out anywhere in handbags.

The Face Shop Baby Powder Hand Cream Packaging
The Face Shop Baby Powder Hand Cream Packaging

  Smell & Texture

When it comes to smell, they have a baby powder or baby talc soft smell. The smell leaves on hands for a long time.

It has a lightweight white texture which gets absorbed easily into our hands.

Within a fraction of second, the hand cream gets absorbed into the hands.

The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream Texture
The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream Texture

My Experience

This hand cream is very hydrated and moisturizing on my hands. It contains good ingredients like shea butter, glycerin and argan oil.

Therefore it is so soothing and hydrating on my hands. It does not leave any residue behind and absorbs quickly into my skin.

Apart from packaging, another wonderful feature of these hand cream is its fragrance.

It smells same as johnson baby powder or talc. If you are the one and love the baby powder smell then this is it.

The smell lingers for quite time and then fades away eventually.

Pros Of The Face Shop Mini Pet Perfume Baby Powder Hand Cream

  • Adorable packaging.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Hydrating hand cream.
  • Gets absorb easily.
  • The tub or jar can be reused for something to store in it.
  • Lightweight texture.
  • Not greasy on my hands.

Cons Of The Face Shop Mini Pet Perfume Baby Powder Hand Cream

  • We need to reapply after some time.
  • The tub or jar packaging is not the most convenient in terms of hygiene.
  • It contains paraben.


If you are crazy like me for packaging, then what are you waiting for you and get yours. And also if you love baby powder smell then you should try this.



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