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The Face Shop Hand Cream Review

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to review The Face Shop Hand Creams. Have you ever tried these hand creams? It can be very tricky to find out best for our hands because hands help us so much & we need to pay off them.



Rs 430 for 30 ml.


  The Brand Says

An adorable hand cream, these beauty goodies by Face shop promises supple and soft hands. It provides excellent moisture, zero stickiness and excellent absorbance.

The cream is lightweight in texture but provides high moisture, high nutrition to hands. They have three variants

  1. The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream 04 Fruity Floral.
  2. The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream 01 Baby Powder.

3.The Face Shop Lovely Meex Mini Pet Hand Cream 03 White Floral.

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These hand creams come in super cute packaging. I tend to buy them by their packaging. They are mini pet baby. The hand cream comes in a really pretty jar with a cute lid that has cat’s face on it. The jar is tiny & can be carried out anywhere in handbags.


  Smell & Texture

When it comes to smell, they have a baby powder or baby talc soft smell. The smell leaves on hands for a long time. The floral hand cream exists with a floral smell. The sweet hand cream exists a sweet soft smell.

It has a lightweight white texture which gets absorbed easily into our hands. Our hands do not feel any stickiness. Just soft, hydrated hands.

 My Take

Especially, I don’t use hand creams mostly but my hands feel very dry so I decided to buy them. In all these variants my favourite is the mini pet baby hand cream. The smell is just killing.If you love the baby creams soft smell then you should definitely try this.

But does they work on the hands?

They create magic on hands as soon as I applied them on my hands. I can feel the difference immediately. I am in love with  Face Shop now and with these hand creams too.

If you are looking for hand creams then make sure you buy these cuties.


  1. Super cute packaging.
  2. Hydrates the hands excellently.
  3. Travel-friendly.



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