Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Sun Damage This Summer


Summers are arrived, with all its glory and glow. We are sure that you have already backup your sunscreens. And taking all measure precautions to avoid the sun rays. But what about your hair? Do you take any precaution regarding your hairs.

Hairs do get damaged due to harmful UV rays. It loses its shine and lustre and many more such things. Follow the tips below to ensure your hair is protected this summer.

Here are some tips to protect hair from the sun damage this summer.

Wash Hairs Regularly

In the summers your scalp gets a lot of sweat than usual. This leads to clogs hair follicles. Therefore it is important to wash your hair twice or thrice a week this summers.

Just make sure use a mild shampoo and let your hair smell fresh and protect your hairs this sunny days.

Use A Dry Shampoo

This tip is for those who have an oily scalp. It would be wise to use a dry shampoo in between your hair washes this summer.

This little dry shampoo will not make your scalp oily and will not absorb oil. So keep your hairs refreshing this summer by using this dry shampoo.

Protection This Summer

The best way to protect your hair is to cover them. As in summers heat is at it’s peak, we need to cover our hairs with scarf.

If you are style conscious then you can add a braid, bun to look more stylish and also prevent your hairs this summer season.

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Hair Mask

Just a few minutes outside in the sun can cause hair damage. This is why it is very important to retain the moisture back to the hair.

You can get your hands on mama earth argan hair mask. This mask is free from chemicals and very nourishing for your hairs.

If you love homemade mask then try out some egg mask and pamper yourself this summer.

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