To Shave Or To Not Shave? Bursting Some Shaving Myths


The pain of waxing or chore of shaving. What to choose in between these two. In this article, I am going to burst some common shaving myths. Let’s face this, most of us still don’t find any satisfactory way. It’s like if you shave you might get ingrown and you need to fix a routine for shaving. And waxing is like, we don’t want pain.

1. Myth: Can We Shave Our Face

Yes, absolutely you can shave your face. But remember one thing your face is delicate and you need a special razor for it. And don’t ever try dry shaving as it can irritate your skin. Use a mild face wash, create some foam and then you can shave your face.

After shaving don’t skip using moisturizers. Use a good moisturizer after your shaving is completed.

2. Shaving Face And Body Will Make The Hair Grow Faster and Thicker

First of all, let me clear the concept of shaving. It is just like trimming your hair and not removing them from the roots. You are just going to remove the hair from the upper layer not from the roots.

In terms of hair growth, your body, facial and scalp hairs are continously growing. Shaving just trims your hair no way prohibits or stimulates its growth.

In some cases, due to some hormonal imbalance ( puberty, age, menopause, PCOS, and your DNA) could cause to long and thick hair.

When you wax your arms or legs, the actual direction of the follicle changes from pulling in the opposite direction of the natural hairs. Thus this can result fluffier hairs than normal hairs. And hence not thicker or darker because of it.

3. Is It Ok To Wax Your Facial Hair

Our face is the most delicate part of our body. And whenever we try something and it won’t work on our face. We can’t go back and change the things.

Dermatologist always recommend to not to wax your facial hairs. But why is it so? Waxing stretches your skin and pulls off the skin. Hence your skin will lose its elasticity.

We would not recommend you to wax your face. But it’s ok to wax occasionally. And to shave your face is much better than waxing it.

4. New Razors Make More Cuts, And Not A Perfect Shaving

Most of the times, we get cuts while shaving. Many of us have a question that new razors are prone to more cuts while shaving. But the answer is an older or damaged razor or blade is more likely to cause cuts.

The duller the blade the more pressure you need to shave. If it feels like the blade is tugging at your skin or the shave doesn’t feel as close as usual. Then it’s the right time to change your blades or razors.

5. How Often We Need To Shave

Shaving is totally dependent on your hair growth. If you have less hair then you will not need to shave regularly. You can wait until the hair grows. But for those who have extremely high growth, they can shave every alternate day.

6. Razors

As we are talking about shaving, it very important to let you know that razors play an important role in shaving. If you don’t pick a right razor for your hairs, then you will have to suffer.

One of the most favourite razors is Gillette. If you have dry skin they go for their aloe vera razor, or else you can go for the normal one. But don’t buy any cheap things for your body.

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