Top Most Effective Ways To Manage Your Oily Skin


Is their anyone who want oily skin. Oily skin is blessed with more oily on skin, enlarged pores and so on. More oil on the face can invite more pimples and more problems. But, we have a solution for your all. Their are some changes that you can make in your day-to-day life. And this changes will help you to solve your oily skin problem.

The first step on the road of recovery is to find out where you have more oiliness on your face. Like if you have T-zone area more prone to oil or whole face. 

Choose The Right Cleanser

Many people think that washing oily face, again and again, would help to remove all the oiliness from the skin. But, is it soo? A big no, because washing your face more than twice a day strips away the natural oil from the face.

Even if you are using or washing your face with a very harsh cleanser that too has adverse effect on your skin. Firstly, take a closer look on your face or visit nearby doctor concern and be sure with your skin type. Or another easy way to find out is, you can notice some oiliness early in the morning.

If you get more oil on your T-zone area, or the whole face gets oily. According to that, you can choose cleansers. We recommend using salicylic acid based cleanser.

Oily Skin is result of overproduction of sebum from glands. Sebum isn’t bad because it moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Too much sebum leads to oily skin.

Top Most Effective Ways To Manage Your Oily Skin
Oily Skin

Food For Oily Skin

Now,food plays an important role in this. Because body decides to secret more oil or not. Stop eating junk foods. Eat less oily foods. Go green, vegetables, fruits etc.Stay hydrated,drink plenty of water.

Start exercising, practice yoga and other activities. Exercise releases heat from the body. Get smoothies, spinach juice more green. Spinach juice will help a lot.

Smoothie for oily skin

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Many people with oily skin try to avoid moisturizers, just because they make their skin more oily. But your skin can be still dry and dehydrated even if you have oily complexion.

Hence, omiting moisturizer can add extra dryness and make your skin look dehydrated.

Look for oil-free moisturizers which contains hyaluronic acid and natural remedies such as lemon-peel extract, which have astringent and anti-bacterial properties.

Last but not the least check out for oil-free serums, sunscreens.

Keep Your Hands Off

Having oily skin does make you more prone to breakouts. When pimples mar your complexion it is easy to squeeze out of the frustration. But touching your face and squeezing out pimples isn’t goo idea.

This may lead to often breakouts. Because our nails and hands carry a lot of bacteria along with, and we carry that bacteria to our face. Therefore, keeping your hands away as much as possible is good option.

You have use toners which would remove the impurities and excess oil from your face. Search for a toner which has anti-bacterial and oil-absorbing properties.

Eat Right

One of the most common myth is oily food causes oily skin. But this is not completely true. In fact, certain fats like omega-3 fats has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce acne.

On other hand dairy products, sugary foods, muffins, pasta have been linked to worse acne breakout. Therefore, eat what is essential for your skin.

Over Do Of Products

Many people think that using a lot of products or lot of face wash could remove their excess oil. In fact, oily skin doesn’t mean it’s not sensitive skin, using a lot more products with multiple ingredients could harm your skin.

Just use the required amount of the product.

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