Vaseline Cocoa Glow Moisturizing Cream Review



Healthy skin starts with deep moisturization. And when it comes to body lotions vaseline is the world’s top-selling lotions brand. Today I am going to review vaseline cocoa glow moisturizing cream.

Vaseline Cream Review
Vaseline Cream


INR 160 for 150ml.

INR 230 for 250ml.

Product Description

  • Moisturizes dry and dull looking skin within five days.
  • Absorbs quickly without any greasiness.
  • Multi-purpose cream.
  • Rich cocoa formula.
  • Suitable for dry and dull skin.
  • Gives you soft and glowing skin.
  • Provides nourishment and locks the moisture into your skin.


Vaseline moisturizer Ingredients
Vaseline moisturizer Ingredients


  • Vaseline cocoa glow moisturizing cream comes round chocolate-brown colour plastic tub.
  • It has a screw cap over it.
  • Below the cap, an aluminium foil covering is provided.
  • And also below the aluminium cap, a plastic cover is provided.
  • The two covers avoid the spillage of the vaseline cream.
Vaseline Cream Packaging

Fragrance and Texture

  • It has a nice fragrance of cocoa and caramel. The smell is quite sweet.
  • Vaseline cream has a creamy texture.
  • It is white in colour.
Vaseline Moisturizer Texture
Vaseline Cream Texture

My Experience

The vaseline cocoa glow cream is moisturizing one. It moisturizes my skin upto 5 to 6 hours.

After applying this vaseline moisturizer my skin feels little bit greasy for some time.

The cocoa fragrance remains on the body for some time. Then the smell fades away.

The one thing which I don’t like about this is it’s packaging. All the time I need to dip my finger and take out the cream.

But ya it is good while I am travelling. And one single tub last for long.

It moisturizes my skin, hydrates my skin and make my skin soft and supple. But the one thing Which I hated about this is the plastic cover.The plastic cover is hard to remove.

You will need to cut the plastic cover by scissor. The aluminium foil is easily removed as compared to the plastic cover.

Rather than this vaseline cocoa glow moisturizing cream is worth it.

Pros Of Vaseline Cocoa Glow Moisturizing Cream

  • Travel-friendly.
  • Affordable.
  • One tub goes for long.
  • Moisturizing cream.
  • Gives a soft supple skin.
  • Cocoa fragrance.

Cons Of Vaseline Cocoa Glow Moisturizing Cream

  • Feels little bit greasy on the skin.
  • It contains parabens.
  • Unhygienic packaging.
  • The plastic cover is tough to remove.


If you are travelling then this vaseline cream will be your partner. As it is good for travelling.

Otherwise, for daily use I would suggest to buy the bottle of vaseline cream. Bottles are more hygienic then this tub one.

It is good for dry skin. And oily, combination people will feel some greasiness. But you can use this in the night time.



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