What Are Bubble Face Mask Benefits For Your Skin


Ever seen selfies of women foamed with slathered all over the face. Or you may have seen a foam mask on your favourite beauty blogger’s face. While bubble mask seems just another crazy beauty buy for women. Scroll down to know more about bubble face mask and its benefits for your skin.

What are bubble mask

As we all are familiar with sheet masks, but what’s bubble masks? These masks are meant to give you healthy and glowy skin. They are made from everyone’s favourite ingredient that is activated charcoal and clay.

It’s formulation is such that there is a reaction that takes place when the mask comes in contact with air, this causes it bubble up. Oxygen is plumped into the mask when they’re in liquid form and then the mask is sealed and packed.

What bubble masks get different from others is their special oxidation process for clearing your skin. It is somehow similar to getting an oxygen facial. In oxygen facial, the esthetician pumps antioxidants right into your skin. Similarly, the bubble mask is just an easier affordable DIY version of oxygen facial.

Bubble Mask
Bubble Mask


These super cute bubble masks offer a variety of skin benefits. It has moisturizing and hydrating properties which leaves your skin refreshed and nourished. Also, it gives a youthful glow ( with regular use) and softens the skin eventually and makes it smooth.

Think of them as your alternative to your painful blackhead removing process while cleanup. This mask effectively removes all the dirt and grime from the face. It also removes excess oil from your skin without making it dry.

It not only cleanses but also exfoliates, now that’s all in one mask. If you’re dealing with sensitive skin and always have a problem of exfoliating then this is right choice for you.

As these masks gives you a extra boost of oxygen which is great to speed up the collagen production.

Bubble mask is available as a sheet mask or a cream, depending on the brand and contains there is a wide range of ingredients. You can choose any ingredient according to your skin concern.

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