What is Face Serum?


   No one is familiar with face serums. Some think it’s a moisturizer or a base for makeup. The main thing, How to use it before cleansing after cleansing, or after moisturizing or before moisturizing. Loads of questions. Hence, let’s move on to know more about it.

 What is a Face Serum?

    Face serums are light-weight, potent formulas designed to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients to the skin. It is particularly made to penetrate deeper into the skin.

 How to Use Face Serum?

  It is a skincare product which you can apply after cleansing and before the moisturizing face. Their high concentration and active ingredients make them a great tool for targeting skincare concerns. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Face Serum

 Is serum a moisturizer?

     A big no. Serums moisturize the skin and hydrates too but they are not moisturizers. Serums help to retain moisture to the skin. But doesn’t make them moisturizers. Creams, lotions have a very thick consistency and create a barrier on top of the skin. But serums are not thicker or doesn’t create a barrier. 

How often you should use serum?

 Well, this completely depends on your choice and concern. What is your skin concern? If you are using it for hydrating,wrinkles, or any skin concern. Using it twice in a day or as per instructions given on pack.


It is a little bit pricey. Serums tend to be pricier in skincare products. But on another side, they are very effective. Hence, its ok to spend some penny on them for even skin.

  Does serum expire soon?

    Not so! But certain active ingredients in them can get oxidised and lose its efficacy over time. But nowadays all serums are water soluble, hence no need to worry about expiry. But the best role is to store them in a cool dry place. Use it up within six months.

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  How to choose right serum for skin type


       Dull skin

                 Look for ingredients like green tea extracts, ferulic acid and resveratrol. Resveratrol contains powerful anti-oxidants properties that slow down ageing. Whereas ferulic acid reduces the effect of damaging free radicals from skin.

          Acne Prone 

              Search for vitamin C, vitamin C boosts up collagen production and also fight free radicals and damage caused by sun damage.

        Dry Skin

             Look for glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E. Glycolic acid gently exfoliates skin. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture. Vitamin E protects cells from oxidative damage.

  Note: Serums contains a lot of active ingredients hence use it carefully. Have a patch test first. Do not overuse it.

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