What Sleep Deprivation Does To Your Skin?

What sleep deprivation does to you
What sleep deprivation does to you
What Sleep Deprivation Does To Your Skin

Sleep is a naturally occurring state of mind and body. Poor sleep quality disrupts the cycle of transition between the different stages of sleep. Lack of sleep can affect your immune system, causes illness etc. Sleep problems are insomnia, snoring, sleep deprivation etc. Today we are going to tell you what sleep deprivation does to you? Importance of sleep?. How lack of sleep affects your skin.

What Sleep Deprivation Does to you?

Everyone can tell you when you’ve had rough sleep night and haven’t logged into your sleeping hours. Your skin speaks louder than voice. The skin sags a bit, under eye bags seems to be more prominent. And skin lost its lustre. Your skin looks dehydrated, complexion even ashy.

Sleep deprivation causes blood vessels to dilate resulting in dark circles. You need to sleep to save your skin. The importance of a good night sleep for the skin and for rest of the body has been researched. It has been researched, documented and endorsed by skincare doctors and experts. But yet in the crazy circus of our lives, we often take sleep as granted.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is the time when our bodies repair and renew themselves. The nervous system has two states. The sympathetic system and parasympathetic system. The sympathetic system that is more in control when we are awake. And parasympathetic system takes over while sleeping.

The sympathetic system keeps the blood flow closer to the core of the body. While the parasympathetic system ensures that the blood flow shifts outward to our skin.

In other words, when we sleep our skin benefits from the heightened blood flow and oxygen, the blood brings with it. That’s when skin get a chance to repair itself.

But when sleep is deprived or lack of sleep your are not giving a chance to to heal. In addition, at night skin is not exposed to pollutants and the sun. It’s a greater chance to the skin in the night to get back on mend.



Sleep is a stress reliever. Sleep reduces the presence of cortisol, which is stress hormone. And which is also responsible for thinning skin, stretch marks and discolouration.

Good Sleep

Sleep also increases the melatonin. Melatonin is sleep hormone which fights age spots, fine lines and even skin cancer. Sleep also increases the collagen-producing cells which are attributed to skin elasticity and tightness.

But there is a tragedy in the story. We not only need quantity sleep but also the quality of sleep is much more required. Sleep is all about the quality you sleep. While even superficial sleep helps in repair and rebuild. Most of the skin’s cells turnover and regeneration take place in deep sleep. Deep sleep is needed for deep repair.

How To Sleep Better

How to sleep better? I have some tips for you to have better sleep. Avoid caffeine a few hours before sleep. As caffeine can reduce sleep. Avoid heavy meals, sugary food before your sleep.

Just kick your TV out. Finish all your tasks of the day, feel fresh no pending issues that may disturb your sleep or keep you up in the night. Turn off your phone as early as possible.

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Importance of Sleep, room ambience
Room Ambience

Room ambience play a vital role for your quality sleep. Make sure your room ambience is soothing and calm. That will help you in gaining quality sleep. Use lavender oil on your pillows or on your hands. Lavender oil will definitely give you a better sleep. Lavender essential oil reduces your stress and offers a calming, soothing sleep.

Ensure you have a neat and tidy room before you sleep. Make your room clean before you sleep. And then just jump into your bed for quality sleep. Therefore make sure you have a great room ambience before you sleep.

Remember one thing sleep is crucial for your well-being or a better life.

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