What’s the Importance Of Toner In Your Skin Care Regime

What's the-Importance-Of-Toner-In-Your-Skincare-Regime

You all might be aware that CTM routine is something you should not miss. Cleansing helps in deep cleansing your skin while moisturizing means keeping your skin moisturized but what about toner? In fact, your pores need special attention too. Do you know what’s the importance of toner in your skin care regime? Now let’s see the importance of toner.

What Is Toner

Many of you may think that toner, looks like water and also acts like water. But I swear its not water. It’s packed with so much of hydrogen and oxygen. Depending on toner, it also contains acids such as glycerin, antioxidants and etc.

Toner is a fast penetrating liquid that delivers a quick hit of hydration and helps to remove dead skin cells from skin’s surface. It removes all the impurities and helps your skin to absorb more product.

Importance Of Toner

Importance of toner in skin care
Importance of toner in skin care

1. Shrink Pores

Toners do a fabulous job at cleansing your pores and constricting them. Especially, if you have acne-prone skin, which is a result of clogged pores toning your skin is a must. When the skin becomes smoother, it becomes more difficult for the bacteria to settle down into pores.

2. It balances pH levels

pH balance stands for potential of hydrogen, which basically determines the skin’s alkaline-acidic ratio. Similarly, our skin is acidic with a pH balance between 5 and 6. However, at times the balance is disturbed with the cleansing process that sometimes dries out the skin or makes it super oily. And at this time, toner balances skin’s pH level to normal so that your skin won’t break out. Therefore, toner is important in your skin care regime.

3. Controls Excess Oil Production

Along with reducing the appearance of large pores, toner also controls excess oil production. Excess oil production is mostly found in acne-prone to oily skin. These skin types should never ever miss a toner. Whenever your skin feels like more oily or greasy then use a toner.

4. It Removes Residual Makeup

Makeup removing step involves makeup remover and cleansing your skin with right face wash. Similarly, toning is the final step of makeup removal. Because toning ensures that nothing is left behind in the pores and give you a clean face. So this is other importance of toner.

5. Hydrating

You might think that toners removes excess oil from the skin, so they will make your skin dry. But no, they won’t make your skin dry. Because they balances the oil in your skin and hydrates your skin. They just remove excess oil from the skin, which could cause acne.

Therefore, toners not only removes excess oil but also hydrates your skin well.

Overall, these were the importance of toner. So from now onwards make sure you include toner in your skin care regime.

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