Which Things You Should Avoid During Periods


We all know that we can’t just avoid periods or say no to it. Fatigue, instability, mood swings, and awful cramps are given during the period. You’ll be surprised to know that what you eat especially in periods affect your period. Getting the right nutrition especially during those 5 days can counter all your problems. To guide you here’s a long way about which things you should avoid during periods.

What to avoid during periods

1. Avoid salty snacks

We understand that period cravings has no limits. Because in periods we end up eating anything as our mood changes. You can have ultimate craving of french fries or chips. But unfortunately salty foods can make your periods worst.

During the shark week, there is a lot of water retention and noticeable bloating and worsen period cramps. Therefore, try to avoid salty foodstuff during those days.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is something, that you should avoid during periods. Because alcohol may reduce cramps temporarily, and give you relief. But it can cause your period irregular and increase your estrogen levels.

Coconut water is a great alternative for alcohol. So, you can obviously have coconut water and keep your body hydrated during periods.


Avoid coffee

Yes, we know there are many coffee lovers or there are also some people who can’t say no to coffee. But coffee is one of the main drink you should avoid during periods. Because it increases blood pressure and heart rate leading to tension, worsening PMS symptoms.

Instead, have green tea or carrot juice.

Say no to diary products

Sometimes, a glass of milk or a bowl of mac and cheese is all you want on periods. But eating or drinking diary products can make you feel gassy. They are high in arachidonic acid which can act as a trigger for menstrul cramps.

Instead, choose buttermilk or toned milk and have peaceful periods.

Avoid processed foods

Frozen foods, fast foods, pickles, papad etc are food stuff to avoid during periods. Because they come with unknown ingredients and preservatives that aren’t best in menstruation. They can interface with hormones and amplify PMS discomfort.

Avoid refined grains

Bread, pizza, and cereals should be avoided during periods as they lead to bloating and constipation. Instead, choose whole grains which have low GI index and which will not only keep your digestive system on track but also keep your hunger cravings on its bay.


Inadequate sleep

We all love to sleep, don’t we? But due to some reasons during our periods, your brain just refuses to go on a sleep mode. You feel like binge watching shows, television, chats and much more. But no you shouldn’t do this. Because getting inadequate sleep can increase the stress hormone cortisol in the body. This increased level of stress can make your period a bad experience for you.

Overall, these were some things you should avoid during your periods. In simple words, go natural with your period cycle and eat natural fruits like banana, watermelons. Keep your body hydrated by drinking coconut water, green tea and etc. And have a hassle-free period.

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