Why We Get Grey Hairs


Getting grey hairs is a common thing nowadays. Your first ever gray hair is a reminder that you’re getting older and wiser. Like wrinkles, grey hairs are signs of ageing. But have you wondered what actually causes your natural hair to turn grey? Don’t worry you’re not alone, with that color. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about grey hairs.

1. When do we get grey hairs

Most of the women who are in their early 30s could observe a few grey hairs. But by the time they get into their late 50s most women get 50% of their hair turning grey.

2. Why do we get grey hairs

The root of every strand of hair is surrounded by tube of tissue under the skin that is called hair follicle. Each hair follicle contains certain number of pigment cells.These pigment constantly make a chemical called melanin.

This melanin is responsible to give our hair a brown, grey or black shade or anything in between. Melanin is the same stuff that makes our skin color fair or darker. It also helps determine whether a person will burn or tan in the sun.

The dark or light color of someone’s hair depends on how much melanin each hair has. As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicle gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much as melanin. As a result, the hair will become in more transparent color like grey, brown or any shade.

3. Is it possible to slow rate of greying hairs

Nutritional and hormonal factors can affect hair color as well as stress. But the predisposition to go grey hair earlier or later in life is genetic.

4. What we should eat to maintain healthy hairs

Hair consists of protein that is called keratin. And keratin is so important to maintain healthy hairs. Foods like eggs, fish are all good source of first class proteins. Proteins consists of amino acids ( some essential and some non-essential).

Essential amino acids are more abundant in animal protein and more easily absorbed. Deficiencies of iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, B12, B6 can be common. Therefore, its important to eat foods that contains all these vitamins.

5. Does massaging the scalp really helps

”Like our body needs exercise regularly, so does our head. Shampooing hair means we are massaging our scalps, which in turns results in a clean and fresher healthier scalp.

Similarly, massaging our scalp means providing essential vital nutrients to the scalp. And as a result, this leads to the healthy hair follicle and a healthy scalp.

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