Why You Should Change Shampoo Every Season


You might be living with the ideology that sticking to one shampoo would be good for your hairs. In fact, its not good for the hairs. Have you noticed that changing weather changes your hair condition. Therefore, you should change shampoo every season according to the weather.

If the hair cleanser which works in summers, would not work that good in monsoons as in monsoons hair and scalp gets changed. If you want to know more about changing shampoo then keep reading this.

What happens in summers

Summers are literally harsh for your hairs. Due to immense heat summers can end up drying your hair. And also, your hair loses more moisture in summers. Therefore it is necessary to change shampoo in summers.

You will need a intensely moisture lock technology shampoo, which will also repair sunburned scalp. Also, many of us go for swimming where chlorine can do a serious damage to the hairs. So search for detoxifying shampoo that also fight UV rays.

What happens in monsoons

Monsoons are known to cause hair breakage and hair problems. Monsoon is the difficult period to maintain your hair. The high rate of humidity attracts all sort of dirt and chemicals to the scalp. Also, contaminated rain water can lead to fungal infections.

Therefore, you need a clarifying shampoo which would remove all the dirt and grime from the scalp. But if your hair feels nourished and has been breaking then you need a cleanser that will make your hair strand stronger.

What happens in winters

The winter season brings colder temperature and lack of moisture in the air which makes the hair appear lifeless damaged, and dry. Winter is brutal on hairs. The harsh winds and cold weather outside whip the hair into mess.

Winters are when you’re scalp is dehydrated and needs extra conditioning. Moreover, winters can turn on your tresses extremely frizzy and dry. Hence you need a smoothening and softening shampoo which will lock in the moisture.

So these were all the reasons that you should change your shampoo every season.

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