Why You Should Use Hand Creams: Benefits Of Hand Creams


Why You Should Use Hand Cream

Have you ever think that how much we use our hands everyday. Whether we are travelling or just sitting and chilling in our home, we need our hands. And most of the time we use our hands.

We have a handshake, we eat by our hands, wash them and etc. But are you taking care of your hands? As we apply moisturizer to our face to hydrate them we need a hand lotion to hydrate it.

As our hands lose its moisture very easily. Hands are our tools and they allow us to carry out daily tasks at home, office and gardens. But we all neglect them leaving them defenceless to the environment and poor condition.

One of the first places to show any signs of ageing are your hands. Your hands can easily give the game away if you neglect it. Using a hand cream will make your hands feel younger and even softer.

Why-You-Should-Use-Hand cream-Benefits-Of-Hand-Creams
Benefits Hand Cream

Benefits Of Hand Cream

The one super benefit of using a hand lotion is to keep your skin moisturized. The skin on the top of your hands is different as compared to your palm. In comparison, the palms skin is much thicker and the top skin is thinner. Hence, the thinner skin needs proper hydration.

Along with everyday tasks, exposure to water and sun can damage your hands a lot. Even sanitizers, hand washes make your skin super duper dry. You need to apply a hand cream as soon as you start feeling the dryness in hands.

You need to maintain the moisture balance in your hands. Hence to maintain proper moisture you need a proper cream with moisturizing ingredients.

How To Choose Hand Lotion

Using a hand cream daily along with SPF especially during the summer season is a must. As hands are constantly exposed, they need to feel moisturized as well as protected from sun damage.

At night you should have an anti-ageing hand cream with lightning properties which would provide more moisture to your hands. If possible wear hand gloves in the night, as it could lock the moisture in your hands. As gloves could avoid the product being rubbed by blanket or pillows and will allow hand cream to sink it effectively into your hands.

If your hands are relatively in good condition than you can go for normal hand cream don’t go for thicker hand creams. Lighter hand lotions are still moisturizing and can be applied throughout the day.

Hand lotions are much more advanced now-a-days and can treat all types of skin problems on your hands. Whether it could be excessive dryness, loose skin etc there is hand cream for you.

Make sure you look out for ingredients like shea butter, glycerin, essential oils, vitamin E these all ingredients will add much more moisture to your skin. If you want anti-ageing properties then look out for anti-oxidants and AHA, as these will help to boost your collagen level, which plumps the skin.

Simple adding a hand cream in your daily body care can change your hands completely. Therefore add hand cream to your list from today and have soft smooth hands.

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